Guinea worm diseases.

Guinea worm

Is a large nematode (roundworm) which is ingested through drinking contaminated water.The condition is known as guinea worm disease.Guinea worm is 1.2 m long and causes debilitating and painful infection that begins with a blister. It is not easily detected until it pierces the skin rearing it’s threadlike body.

One experiences itching, fever, swelling ,severe pain and a  burning sensation.

How one gets Guinea worm disease..

  • Human drinks dirty water with water fleas which have the young guinea worms.
  • The young worm passes through the stomach and the intestines.
  • Adult worms move towards the skin surface and to  other parts of the body
  • One year after, the adult worm causes a painful watery swelling, that sends out young worms after coming into contact with water.
  • The water fleas swallow the young ones and the cycle continues.

 People suffering from Guinea worm disease should not enter into water that the community drinks and humans are encouraged to drink treated/filtered/boiled water.

Removal of the worm MUST be done in a health facility.

Eradication of Guinea worm disease Kenya

Kenya is said to be certified free of guinea worm disease before this year(2017) ends however this can only be done if there are zero cases reported of the disease before then.

Dr. Oigara WHO public adviser promised a reward of KSH 100,000 to any Kenyan who will report any suspected case of guinea worm disease within the country.Reports can be done through cont: 0732353535/0729471414 or at any public health facility.

Importance of Guinea worm disease free certificate.

Once Kenya will be declared free from this disease, it will have joined 198 other countries in the world and 40 in Africa in that league.







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