Fistula also Known as vesico vaginal fistula is a destructive condition that affects women and girls across Africa. It is a hole between the birth canal and bladder/rectum caused by prolonged , obstructed labor without access to timely and quality medical treatment which results to uncontrolled  leakage of urine. Leading to social isolation, skin infections,skin disorders and death if untreated.

Causes Of Fistula.

  • Sexual violence
  • early marriages and child-birth
  • harmful traditional practices
  • Lack of access to maternity care (financial catastrophe, geographical and culture)
  • poverty

Ways in Which Fistula can be avoided

  • timely access to quality obstetric care especially cesarean section
  • Delaying the age of first pregnancy
  • Cessation of harmful traditional practices

Some of the challenges faced mostly is lack of awareness and lack of commitment to address and resolve the issue. Kenya being a developing country face this challenges, however through donations and government funds they have improved in terms of awareness for instance, they had free fistula treatment to all women across the country at Kenyatta National Hospital from 16/June/2017 to 30/June/2017, also the number of  health centres offering fistula treatment has increased so as to reach women allover the country.  This institutions include:-

Kenyatta National Hospital- Nairobi

Jaman Mission Hospital-Nairobi

Isiolo Development Project- Isiolo

Daraja MbiliVision volunteers-Kisii

Gynocare Fistula Center- Eldoret

Bomu Hospital-Mombasa

Wamba catholic Hosp-Samburu

Women and Development Against Distress In Africa-(WADADIA)

Cherangany Nursing Home-Kitale

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital-Kisumu


Universal access to safe delivery care and Maternal health care are assured ways of reducing or getting away with Fistula in our country.


“Women with obstetric Fistula are indicators of the failure of health systems to deliver accessible, timely and quality care”